Trang chủ Trang chủTin tức & sự kiệnCAFRO enters MIRKA group to expand on global market

Yesterday, June 27th, has been a milestone for CAFRO SpA: we became part of the international group MIRKA Ltd., world leader in the abrasives and power tools’ sector, which acquired 100% of our shares.

CAFRO will have the opportunity of expanding its sales network and increase its market share taking advantage of the sales channels already opened and consolidated by MIRKA; MIRKA will have the chance to grow in the superabrasive market, considered by them strategic, thanks to the experience and the know-how of CAFRO in that field.

The development on the global market has always been a strategic and priority goal for CAFRO; this partnership will allow the Fino Mornasco company huge opportunities, a global development and a significant acceleration in growth.

The third generation of the Mancina family continues to lead the company within the MIRKA Group:

Mario Mancina has been nominated Managing Director, Giovanni Mancina Sales Manager and Silvia Mancina Administrative Manager. Roberto and Guido Mancina remain as consultants to give continuity to commercial relationships, product management and a way of doing which has been a trademark of CAFRO during all those years.

CAFRO will continue to operate with its own brand, the Fino Mornasco production site will be kept and, having been forecasted an important growth in sales, a development plan will be implemented to increase production capacity both technologically and for human resources.

MIRKA is a market leader in surface finishing technology, offering comprehensive sanding solutions that are supported by a wide range of technically superior abrasive, polishing products and innovatively designed tools. For more than 70 years, MIRKA has paved the way for technical breakthroughs. Today MIRKA’s innovative surface finishing solutions provide real benefits to the customers in terms of speed, quality and efficiency but also enabling better and more ergonomic working conditions.

CAFRO faces this new challenge with great enthusiasm, convinced that group synergies will bring great advantage to itself and its customers.

CAFRO’s and MIRKA’s customers will be more competitive being able to access a larger and more complete range of solutions for surface finishing and grinding, taking also advantage of a stronger global market presence.

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