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Nhà sản xuất: VICKERS
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  • Eaton’s Vickers® DG valves mount on industry standard surfaces and provide 3 or 4-way control in a broad range of applications, industrial and mobile.
  • Their primary function is to direct fluid flow to a cylinder or to control the direction of rotation of a hydraulic motor. These valves can be actuated by solenoid, hydraulic or pneumatic pilot, lever, or mechanically.
  • A full range of complementary pressure, flow and check valve functions are available in the Eaton SystemStak™ family of sandwich mounted valves.
  • Eaton DG valves are available in 10 different frame sizes.
  • Rated Flow: Up to 1,100 lpm.
  • Rated Pressure: Up to 350 bar (5,000 psi).
  • Size: NG4-32 (D02-10).

Applications: Multiple industrial applications.
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