Tên sản phẩm:Bơm cánh gạt B&C
Nhà sản xuất: B&C (Italy)
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  • Thru-drive pumps save installation space and cost by eliminating double shaft extension electric motors or by reducing the number of motors and drive couplings. Furthermore thru-drive models provide valuable circuit design flexibility, such as having the vane pump coupled with other types of pumps, both fixed and variable displacement, on a single input drive.
  • The B&C thru-drive pumps are available in TQ and TV versions.
  • The ten vane TQ type is particularly suitable for applications subject to sudden peaks of pressure, while the twelve vane TV model is specifically designed to meet very low noise requirements.
  • The table below shows the main technical characteristics of both TQ and TV versions. More detailed technical information is available on the catalogues of the standard BQ and BV pumps.
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