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Product name:Track Drive Motors
Manufacturer: EATON
Price: Contact
Product detail information
Features & Benefits:
  • Integrated gearbox with 2-speed Axial Piston Motor.
  • Rated pressure: 214 ~ 365 bar.
  • Displacement: 16cc ~ 274cc.
  • Suitable for 1.5ton ~ 50 ton mobile applications.
  • Integrated Relief and Counterbalance valves.
  • Integrated fail-safe mechanical Parking Brake.
  • Higher mechanical and volumetric efficiency helps reduce power loss.
  • Improved design for higher start up torque and overall efficiency.
  • Optimum design ensures smooth start/accelerate and decelerate/stop.
  • Compact design with high power density.
  • Auto-shift from high-speed low torque to lowspeed high torque and vice versa.
  • High performance and reliability, high market acceptance with over half million units in the field.
  • Compatible fit for most popular installation requirements in the market.

  • Excavator and mini excavator.
  • Crawler crane.
  • Winch.
  • Combine harvester.
  • Windrow turning.
  • Rotary drilling.
  • Horizontal directional drilling.
  • Paver.
  • Asphalt milling.
  • Special crawler vehicle.
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