Product name:Solenoid valves
Manufacturer: Eaton
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Product detail information
Bürket series 5281, 2/2-way solenoid valve. A solid indirect-acting solenoid valve with a robust brass valve body and a high flow capacity for neutral gasses and fluids; including compressed air, water and hydraulic oil. The solenoid valve opens en closes with the help of medium pressure and spring force. A minimum deferential pressure of 0,5 bar is needed in order to open the valve completely. Figure 32250 has only 1 size coil and is available in the common voltages. The valve bodies are suitable for alternating current and direct current which makes conversion possible by only changing the coil. This solenoid valve can be disassembled easily when service or maintenance is required. It is also ideal for standardization.
Installation: The valves are mountable in any position without affecting operation, preferably with the coil vertical and upright.

  • Coil type: SPC 35160 Voltage 24 VDC.
  • Minimum pressure difference: 0.2 bar.
  • Maximum Differential air/gass: 16 bar.
  • Maximum Differential water/liquid: 16 bar.
  • Maximum Differential light oil: 16 bar.
  • Max. pressure difference for DC model: 16 bar.
  • Max. pressure difference for AC model: 16 bar.
  • Sealing: NBR.
  • Minimum medium temperature (continuous): -10 °C.
  • Maximum medium temperature (continuous): 80 °C.
  • Maximum ambient temperature: 55 °C.
  • Level of protection: (IP value) 65.
  • Connection electric: Plug EN 1.
  • Duty cycle: 100 %.
  • Viscosity: 21 mm²/s.
  • Degree of protection: (IP) 65.
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