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Product name:Return Line Filters
Manufacturer: Internormen
Price: Contact
Product detail information
  • TEF - Removable bowl that prevents contamination from entering the reservoir during filter element change; multiple inlet ports are possible.
  • TEFB - No additional breather port needed in the tank.
  • TRW - Horizontal tank-mounted return line filters.


Port size: up to -24 SAE (G 1-½), up to SAE 5“, up to ANSI flange 8” (DN 200).

Operating pressure: 10 bar (145 psi).

Flow rates: TEFB up to 7200 l/min, TRW up to 300 l/min.

Filtration materials: Paper, Interpor fleece, or stainless steel wire mesh.

Benefits: Lightweight, easy to change, minimizes chance of oil spillage during element change and the resulting environmental concern.

Application: Mounted on top of the reservoir with the outlet port returning to the reservoir.

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