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Product name:Disc Valve Motors
Manufacturer: Char-Lynn
Price: Contact
Product detail information
The Disc valve motors include the 2,000 series, 4,000 series, 4,000 compact series, 6,000 series and the 10,000 series. They all come with standard mount, wheel mount or bearingless. The Char-Lynn range offers many displacements, output shafts, port configurations and a multitude of special options that makes this product line the most flexible product to apply in the industry. The Eaton quality continues to be unrivaled and our plants consistently deliver excellent products on time.
  • Rated Speed: Up to 900 rpm.
  • Torque Range: Up to 3,390 Nm.
  • Options: Wide variety of optional shafts, mountings, ports, displacements, speed sensors- and bolt-on valves.
  • 2-Speed Models: Available in series 2,000 and 10,000.

Applications: Swing motor, brush cutters and mowers.
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